Select one of the Samsung drives below.
SD-616E SE-208AB SE-208DB SE-218CB SE-506AB
SE-506BB SE-506CB SE-S084B SE-S084C SE-S084D
SE-S084F SE-S184M SE-S204N SE-S204S SE-S224Q
SE-T084A SE-T084L SE-T084M SE-T084P SE-W164C
SE-W164L SH-222AB SH-222AL SH-222BB SH-224BB
SH-224DB SH-224FB SH-B083A SH-B083L SH-B123A
SH-B123L SH-D162C SH-D162D SH-D163B SH-D163C
SH-S162A SH-S162L SH-S162S SH-S182D SH-S182F
SH-S182M SH-S183A SH-S183L SH-S202G SH-S202H
SH-S202J SH-S202N SH-S203B SH-S203D SH-S203N
SH-S203P SH-S203S SH-S222A SH-S222L SH-S223B
SH-S223C SH-S223F SH-S223L SH-S223Q SH-S243D
SH-S243N SH-W08A SH-W162C SH-W162D SH-W162L
SH-W162Z SH-W163A SM-348B SN-208BB SN-B043A
SN-B063D SN-S082H SN-S083A SN-S083B SN-S083C
SN-S083F SN-S083M SN-S083N SN-T082L SN-T083A
SN-T083C SN-T083L SR-W04B SW-252S TS-D633A
TS-H353B TS-H492C TS-H493B TS-H542A TS-H552B
TS-H552C TS-H552D TS-H552U TS-H553A TS-H652D
TS-H652L TS-H652M TS-H653A TS-H653B TS-H653F
TS-H653G TS-H653H TS-H653J TS-H653L TS-H653N
TS-H653Q TS-H653R TS-H653Z TS-H662A TS-H663B
TS-H663C TS-HB123A TS-L462C TS-L462D TS-L532B
TS-L632D TS-L632H TS-L632M TS-L632N TS-L632P
TS-L633A TS-L633B TS-L633C TS-L633J TS-L633L
TS-L633M TS-L633P TS-LB23D TS-T632L TS-T633A
TS-T633C TS-U633A TS-U633F TS-U633J  


Latest Firmware Releases...
DateDriveVersion DateDriveVersion
16/07/2015 Samsung SE-506CB TS02   26/11/2012 Samsung SE-506BB TS00
24/02/2015 Samsung SH-224FB ID00   30/10/2012 Samsung SH-224BB SB00
16/01/2015 Samsung SH-224FB SB00   04/09/2012 Samsung SH-222BB SB01
12/06/2014 Samsung SE-506BB TS01   21/05/2012 Samsung SN-208BB SB02
03/12/2013 Samsung SE-218CB TS01   02/05/2012 Samsung SE-506AB TS01
29/11/2013 Samsung SE-208DB TS02   19/01/2012 Samsung SH-222AL SB01
23/08/2013 Samsung SH-224DB SB01   17/10/2011 Samsung SH-222BB SB00
09/08/2013 Samsung SH-224DB SB00   19/08/2011 Samsung SE-S084D TS02
02/01/2013 Samsung SE-208AB TS04   19/08/2011 Samsung SN-S083F SB02
21/12/2012 Samsung SN-208BB SB03   08/08/2011 Samsung SE-S084F TS01

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